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Updating linked contacts for all companies

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Updating linked contacts for all companies

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just curious as to whether I can update all of my linked contacts for all of my companies. Is there a way to do this without going through one by one?






EDIT - Just to confirm what I am trying to do: I am making changes to lots of companies within the List View in Edit Mode. After I edit a company I would usually press the 'Updates Linked Contacts for the Current Company' button but because I am editing hundreds of companies I would like to 'Update Linked Contacts for All Companies' is there such a feature in Act!?


EDIT - EDIT - Nevermind, I have just found this question elsewhere in this forum (which is odd because yesterday I could have sworn that I not only searched for this question here but on Google also). Turns out I can't update more than one company at a time. Does anyone know of a addon that will do this? It would be extremely helpful so that I can keep companies and contacts in sync with a click of a button.