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Updating category details for multiple companies

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Updating category details for multiple companies

We have had an ACT! Database (2007) for some time with inconsistent data entry and so the categories and products fields of our Company entries are getting quite messy: ie including both 'housewares' & 'homewares' in categories and 'bedding', 'bed linen', 'duvet covers' etc in products.


I would like to streamline it all and clean it all up, but I can only see how to replace the whole category for multiple fields after a look up search. For many of the companies we have details for, they are linked to multiple categories, so what I would like to do is make replacements of individual listings.


For example:


Company 1

Categories: Bedding; Homewares; Textiles

Products: Bed linen; Towels; Throws


Company 2

Categories: Bedding; Housewares; Apparel

Products: Duvet covers; Nightwear; Rugs


Company 3

Categories: Bedding; Homeware

Products: Bedding


I would like to be able to change all the housewares to homewares, all the bed linen, duvet covers etc to bedding without affecting the other category or product entries.


Is there a way to do this within ACT! 2007 without having to edit each individual company listing?



Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Updating category details for multiple companies

Take a look at the Edit menu when you are on the Company screen.


ACT! has a mass update/replace values tool there, the one issue might be having multiple values in one field.


It is not going to allow you to replace just one value in a field that has a multi select pick list...


Don't think so anyway...


Back up your database before playing!