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Updating ACT 2007

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Updating ACT 2007

We have been using ACT for many years but could never perform a simple batch update.  I have a large database 100000 clients with each having a unique number field in addition to other data.  I get an annual CSV file with data that I want to update the database with.  I want to match the database with the csv file on the unique number only and apply the other data for matched records.  This has not been possible in the past.  Has anyone any ideas on achieving this update
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Re: Updating ACT 2007

If you are importing in the .csv file, then the file needs to contain a contact name in addition to the unique id number.  If the file you receive includes the contact name, then you can delete all other columns from the sheet except the contact and the id number.


Make sure you have turned on Duplicate Checking in the database (under Tools/Preferences/General/Duplicate Checking) and that Contact is the main field to check duplicates on.  When you import the .csv file, make sure you click the Contact Merge Options button during the import wizard and choose Merge for the action when a duplicate name exists.  This update the id field on any contacts that exist both in the .csv and and in your database.

Greig Hollister

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