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Update the Database??

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Update the Database??

We have 3 users accessing a central database. Each user has their own registered version of ACT. The database was created by( Machine 1 )with a copy of ACT! build Another machine (Machine 2) within the network is using ACT Version When machine 2 tries to access the database created by Machine 1 a message appears."The database was created with a prior version of ACT. Would you like to update it.??" So far we have said NO to the update and the programme continues to access the database and all is well. Does anybody know exactly is it asking and what will it do if we agree to update the database.?? If we update the database will the other 2 machines be able to access the data?? Can anybody help please
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Re: Update the Database??

10.00 and 10.01 can access the same database as long as your not synchronising.
You'd be better off updating Machine 1 to 10.01 (or both machines to 10.02) and then updating the database.
You can download the current patch from