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Update many records on basis one record ??

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Update many records on basis one record ??

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I have records where under CONTACTfield  called "Houston" and in that record a Freightfield USD 500.


To update/change the freights in a CONTACT Record Johnson located in Houston I can ofcourse do a lookup/and do replace field. Simple

 It is a one to many relation ofcourse.


Example : record nr 1 Contactfield Houston     freightfield 500

                record nr 2 Contactfield New York   freightfield 600

                record nr 3 Contactfield Atlanta       freightfield 700

                record nr 4 Contactfield Miami         freightfield 800


                record nr 1006 Contactfield Johnson ,  Cityfield Houston

                record nr 1009 Contactfield Merryson, Cityfield Houston

                record nr 2011 Contactfield Paterson,  Cityfield Atlanta

                receord nr 3013 Contactfield Kleenson,Cityfield Miami

                record nr 6001 Contactfiels Hallyson, Cityfield New York



BUT,BUT... I have 1100 Cities/Records under CONTACTfield for Houston, New York, Atlanta, Miami.


How to update all the Contacts located in New York,Atlanta,Miami and all other 1100 cities in ONE GO.



These freightupdates to be updated each 2 months,so manually/lookup/replace almost impossible to do it one at a time.





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Re: Update many records on basis one record ??