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Update Issues

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Update Issues

My first version of Act was 2006. I recently enrolled in a class to learn how to use the Act Software, however, Act! 2008 was required, which I purchased. When installing 2008, I ran into issues when uninstalling 2006. I was able to mannually download the uninstaller.exe and uninstall 2006, thus enabling me in install 2008. However, for the class, update 10.0.2 is required, but I am running 10.0.1. As with the uninstaller, I manually downloaded the 0.2 update. But, when I run the update, when it comes to the "uninstall the previously installed version" section, an error code appears (error: -1632). Then I am left with a non-working, half uninstalled Act 2008. I find myself in a cycle of unistalling, reinstalling, error in updating, and so on. Any help or advice? Thanks for your time.
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Re: Update Issues



Did you uninstall 10.0.1 before installing the 10.0.2 update?  If so, then thats your issue.


I will PM you a direct link for the full 10.0.2 installation.