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Uninstalling and re-installing ACT!

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Uninstalling and re-installing ACT!

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Hi all,


I obviously have a virus on my computer, which is crapping out my IE, Firefox, Outlook and ACT!  It's a nightmare.  Everything is slow and the PC frequently cuts out and reboots iself.  I have AVAST anti virus and Windows Advanced Systemcare and these aren't picking anything up.


ACT! keeps giving me various error messages and won't do certain functions unless I reboot - one day it wouldn't print my Task List, sometimes it won't let me add notes - when I reboot, it does these things.  I went to back-up my database on Thursday, it wouldn't do it.  Went to tools>maintenance>repair and check, then it allowed me to.  Although it says it's working fine (can't remember what the exact wording is), it obviously isn't - still keep getting those damned error messages up.  It all works when you exit those error messages and I haven't lost any data - yet - but it's obviously not right.


Just to give you the whole picture, I configured Outlook to my email address, when I turned my PC on  it wasn't anymore.  IE will be in the middle of something and just crash (serious error warning, or turn itself off).  Firefox just wouldn't load.  It was all working fine for about a week, visited mainly NHS sites and obviously (true NHS style) picked up a virus!


I am going to reinstall my PC when I get hold of the recovery disc, but I'm obviously going to have to reload ACT!  When I back-up, they are saved as a zip file.  Once reloaded, how can I get my records unzipped from my external drive back on to my re-installed ACT! ?


Sorry to have gone on - just wanted to give you the whole picture.


If anyone can think of a way of fixing this without such drastic action, I'm all ears!!


Desperately hope you can help.



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Re: Uninstalling and re-installing ACT!

Once you've installed ACT!, do a Restore As on the zip file.  Follow the KB article below for step by step instructions.


How to Back Up and Restore an ACT! Database