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Uninstall/Reinstall Act

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Uninstall/Reinstall Act

I was having a problem with Act's dropdown menus, and I finallly decided to address this by uninstalling and then reinstalling Act.2011.  It turned out to be quite a difficult proposition, and this is to explain how I finally got the job done.


1. Uninstalling was a snap.  

2. But the attempt to reinstall failed because the installer said it couldn't install the SQL server.

3. After repeated attempts, I uninstalled all files that seemed to support the 2008 SQL server.

4.  I went to the Microsfot site specified in the Knowledgebase article and downloaded a copy of the server.  It wouldn't install as it said there were files it couldn't find.

5.  I then deleted all files in Program Files/Act and Program Files/Microsoft SQL (or whatever)  It developed that the Act uninstall routine had left most of its files intact.

6.  I then went used the free CCleaner program's registry function to clean up the Registry, which was littered with Act Keys.

7. I then downloaded a fresh version of the Act 2011 install files and executed the startup to unzip the files into a folder with the name c::/Act 7 install or similar.  (It's automatic.)  I didn't install Act juist yet.

8. Using the instructions in Knowledgebase article 26994, I reinstalled the SQL server Act 7 instance.  It's a tricky install and the instructions must be followed exactly.  It is important to use the SQLinstall routine in the newley recreated files as discussed in the artilce.

9.  Finally, I was then able to install Act.

10.  I updated the database to Hotfix 4.  (It was not necessary to install SP1, as the downloaded install program was already updated.)

10.  However, I still couldn't sychronize the database with remote databases.  To solve that problem, I had to detach the database as described in Knowledgebace article 25099.

BTW, this did solve the dropdown menu problem.


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Re: Uninstall/Reinstall Act

I have had a miserable time with Act when I moved from xp to windows 7 just miserable