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Uninstall ACT 9.0 and Install ACT 6

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Uninstall ACT 9.0 and Install ACT 6

I need to know how to completely remove ACT 9.0 from my computer so I can go back to ACT 6.0   I know from past experience, I can not just uninstall ACT 9.0 and install ACT 6.0  -  there are conflicts with the registration codes.   I think a removal tool is required.   If it is not done correct, I will have more problems.  ACT 6.0 has been the best performing version with the least problems.   I’m aware the data can not go back to the other format and I will have to reenter each contact, but it will be worth it.  
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Re: Uninstall ACT 9.0 and Install ACT 6

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Here you go:  Answer ID 19338, How to Use the ACT! Uninstaller.exe file.  Here's a suggestion before you uninstall.  You may want to try exporting your v9 contact information to *.csv and then use that as an import to your v6.  This will eliminate a lot of data entry.


Good luck.



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Re: Uninstall ACT 9.0 and Install ACT 6

Actually, you can have ACT! 9.0 and 6.0 installed. There is no conflicts with registration codes. The only conflict is that you can't have both connected to Outlook.


Also ACT! 2009 is by far the best performing version with least problems... it's better than 6.0 now.