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Unexplained glitch in contact name information.

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Unexplained glitch in contact name information.

I have a problem with Sage ACT! 2009 (version 11.0), for some reason, it has suddenly decided to put the letters 'ac' before one of the user's (but only one, the rest are still okay) contact names (e.g. acLodiUK rather than just LodiUK) it appears in the Record Manager field of the History Tab and wherever else the user's Contact Name is displayed and also during mail merges and has to be edited out.  In the Manage Users menu option, the User Name displays the correct first name, but the Contact Name has ac in front of it and cannot be changed. 


Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this weird glitch?

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Re: Unexplained glitch in contact name information.

The way that the Contact Name is expressed throughout ACT dies not inherit from the 'Manage Users' area but from the Contact field of the 'user' in question.

To resolve, when the user logs on to ACT, you will note the presence of the ac prior to their name in their own 'My Record' (or you can find it yourself by selecting 'Lookup' and 'Contact' and searching for 'acLodiUK'). Just remove the 'ac' and the problem should go away. Just take care in future not to over-type the Contact name field after logging in to your database.

Will Ingleby
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