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Understanding attached documents

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Understanding attached documents

How are attached documents saved? I realize that they are not saved with my database when I backup the database. I keep our files on a network hard drive, but what would happen if I moved the files, would they no longer be found in act, our would I have to point act to the location? If all files are saved in the attachments folder, is there a way to back that up?
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Re: Understanding attached documents

Hello downtick,
When you attach a file to a contact's record under the Notes, History, or Documents tab, a copy of that file is placed in the Attachments subfolder of database files for that database, This will be in the directory where the database resides and is named (database name) - database files/Attachments. By default, Attachments are included in your database backups, but when making the backup you do have the option to not include them by unchecking the "Include Attachments" box in the database backup dialog box.

Greig Hollister

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