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Understanding Licences

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Understanding Licences

Assuming I have a 3 user licence


1)  Am I correct in thinking you can create as many users and as many databases as you want in sage 2010.  i.e. create 10 databases and 30 users.  The 'licence' applies to the number of users that can be allocated to a single database?.


2) If you have more than 1 user per database. Can the same database be accessed at the same time by more than one user.


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Re: Understanding Licences

There isn't any limit on the number of databases you create and, in your example, each database can have three named users able to concurrently able to access the database. Legally each database would have to have the same three named users.
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Re: Understanding Licences

Sage have designed the licence system based on the number of active users. Yes you could have 20 users in a database and only have say, two licenced copies of ACT! , however you can have only two users active at any time. To change one of the inactive users into active it is done in Manage Users as an Administrator. In addition there is a limit (ceiling) on the number of times the application can be installed. You can have any number of databases, the licence system does not have an effect on that. 

ACT! is a multi-user database, so yes, two users or more can acccess the same database simultaneously as long as there are sufficient licence.  

Graeme Leo
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Re: Understanding Licences

The other thing to keep in mind here if you are thinking that you will have 30 users for just 3 licenses purchased...


In addition to the limit on the number of active users in any one database, the license system also requires that the license be used to activate each install on a PC.  It will not allow anywhere near 30 activations of a 3 user license...


So, sure, make lots of databases, just don't plan on using them.