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Unaddressed ACT 2008 issues

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Unaddressed ACT 2008 issues

I see information about ACT 2009 coming out but why have several of the known issues in ACT 2008 not been fixed.  I have been using ACT 2008 for over eight months now and all of the issues below were reported to ACT within the first few months and I received acknowledgement that they were known issues and would be fixed in future updates yet none of them have been fixed.


1) Changing printers from the default when printing causes issues where print jobs do not go to the correct printer.  ACT has to be closed and reopened to get it working correctly.


2) When attaching e-mails to records from Outlook 2003 the date shown in the history is correct but if you open the message from ACT it shows the date sent as the date it was attached.


3) Customized column settings are not retained when changing databases.  It always resets to the default.


4) When scrolling down in the history and then trying to select an item the history jumps back up to the top of the history and you have to scroll down again to select the desired item.


5) When scheduling/rescheduling activities the date from the previously scheduled activity is retained and you can't schedule the second activity for that date unless you first choose a different date.


6) After changing databases I often get the error message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when scheduling/clearing activities.  If I close the database and reopen it is fine.


7) When looking up contacts the date of birth field retains the previous contact's date of birth if there are multiple contacts that meet your search criteria and you select the first contact from the contact list


If anyone has solutions to these problems please let me know.



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Re: Unaddressed ACT 2008 issues

What build of ACT! 2008 are you using?
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Unaddressed ACT 2008 issues

I am using
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Re: Unaddressed ACT 2008 issues

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I have the same issue with printing - would LOVE that to be fixed.


As a work around, I switch the "default" printer to the one that I want to print from - and things seem to work fine.  PITA to switch back and forth to print a letter and then print an envelope though.

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Re: Unaddressed ACT 2008 issues