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Unable to run custom Smart Task...

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Unable to run custom Smart Task...

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I have'nt been able to run the smart tasks I want at all.  We have a heavily customised database and no matter how many times I call Act support (5 in all) to try and sort out what is or is not happening...I can't find anyone who can make it work.  The system cannot seem to look up the criteria to run the task and I have to say it is not a complicated task (well it does'nt seem like it to me).


The support person has dialed in and checked out the fields and set up the criteria according to how they think they should run  but hey...they dont run. 

What I want to do is run a series of 3 emails through swiftpage) to the same contacts who have a particular product off the database every 2 months from their renewal date (each clients renewal date is different though...).


No one at Act can get this task to run.  The look up criteria I think is the sticking point.


Smart Task definitely difficult to use.  Most people abandon the idea and use some other method I think...



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Re: Unable to run custom Smart Task...

Are you able to run the default provided Smart Tasks?  Are you able to get a simple 1 step Smart Task to run?


Can you provide a screen shot of the criteria you have set up, so that members can view it and comment on the setup?

Greg Martin
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Smart Tasks has the potential to be so much Smarter

I have spent many hours on Smart Task and I am going to let you in on a little secret that will save you a lot of time and then offer a solution to working that saved me from wasting a lot more time.


The first thing you need to know is that one one, including senior tech support (at least the one's I have spoken to) know a great deal about ST how ST work (some know less the you). Towards the end of my research I was helping them to to figurer it out.


Second, although ST has tremendous potential it is a far cry from being ready for prime time. Frankly I am surprised they didn't invest more in this addition to Act! as I think it is the first feature capable of taking Act! a whole new level of usefulness for small business. I am talking about the ability to automate many many mundane businsess task in running a small business.



I would gladly spend the necessary time to point out the deficiencies and suggest improvements if I thought they would be addressed in this or the next release. But judging from the low numbers of forum postings (users and staff)  I am not hopeful that this feature will receive the attention it deserves any time soon.  


Despite its shortcomings I am using ST and my advice is to you is to Enable Auto Run and manually Run ST, for each client or group of clients. I suggest that you also add a ST step at the end of the ST as a reminder to Run the ST again on completion. There are many reasons to do it this way and unfortunately I had to spend a long time trying to figure it out the limits of ST.


Hope this helps and that ST one day receives more attention.






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Re: Unable to run custom Smart Task...

Sorry Greg for not coming back sooner.  Haven't been on forum for a while and so missed the moved message.  I have not tried running the default nor a single ST.  Will do so over the next 2 days and report back.