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Unable to open databases due to SQL Instance

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Unable to open databases due to SQL Instance

I have been using ACT2012 since last fall and have updated all my older databases to this version.


I just replaced my laptop and I have only been able to restore or bring into this laptop my everyday working database.


I have tried to open all of my other older dated databases but keep getting this error -- Sage ACT -- The SQL database instance

is unavailable.


All of my databases were save previously in my data folder and have never had a conversation problem in the past.


If this is an SQL Issue what can I do to fix it. I have the .PAD files sitting on my new laptop drive as they were with my old laptop

but unable to restore or restore as.


I hope you can help me to determine what i can do to retrieve these older databases that have already been updates to ACT2012 months ago before I received this new laptop.


Hope to hear back from someone regarding this issue.





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Re: Unable to open databases due to SQL Instance

Can you still access your databases on your old laptop?

Mark Rogers
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Re: Unable to open databases due to SQL Instance

We are also having issues with opening our database on our network computer. 

The local machine is able to open the database; however, we are receiving the "SQL Database instance is unavailable" on our second machine.


I have been up and down the forums and boards trying to solve this issue. Nothing seems to work. I am willing to try any suggestions again... we need to be able to see the ACT database on this computer. 


Thank you for your time and suggestions!