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Unable to format text in ACT email

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Unable to format text in ACT email

 I want to compose message text (bold, italics, etc.), as well as insert images, in ACT email. We recently upgraded from ACT 2007 to ACT 2010 in part because we could not format text, and it still does not work in the 2010 version -- regular, not Premium.


 We use Eudora as the default email system.


 When I compose a New Email message, none of the formatting options are available. Opening the Format window, the Plain Text option is checked and I can’t uncheck it (I tried every mouse button). I've set the Composing Options (under Preferences) to HTML as well as Plain Text -- no go. (Rich text is not an option in our version of 2010?)


Tried setting the word processor to ACT and Word. Tried templates. Tried inserting text already formatted in Word.


I’d like to format text and insert images for occasional group emails – which are all I use it ACT email for. (Failing that, I guess the next steps include exporting all the email addresses for the group for use in Eudora, or, beyond that, switch to another email system and all that would entail… or an email campaign ...)