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Unable to Reinstall ACT! 2006

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Re: Unable to Reinstall ACT! 2006

10 is definately better than 9.


You might even consider signing up for the beta of 11... use it till release and then buy the extra licenses then

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Re: Unable to Reinstall ACT! 2006

I've read this entire thread, and have been down that exact horrible path over and over. I think last year I wasted one full work-month on this and trying to make my palm fully sync. Gave up on syncing to home - deleted Act from home computer totally.


I use my 4000 Act names every day, but slowly am migrating over to Outlook - that syncs with my Blackjack in mere seconds.


I'm a devout Act! user from the beginning ver 1.0 all the way to 8.02 - but I'm burnt out with these overbearing re-install, sync, and backup issues. Give me back my 1.0 - it did what I need really well - pulled over to a floppy and migrated to home in a flash.