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Unable to Connect to Database Error on LAN

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Unable to Connect to Database Error on LAN

I have a client with a server (just a stand alone file server this is not a domain) that hosts the ACT Pro 2011 database and three client workstations.  After an issue with the ISP they were no longer able to connect to the database from the clients.  We could open the database from the server but not from the clients.  We would get a Database is Not Available error.  We could browse to shares on the server.  But when trying to browse to the database file on the server and open it directly we get the same error.  I resolved the issue by changing the client DNS server to point to Google's DNS servers instead of using the automatic assignment that is the default.  What is going on?  Why would a change of DNS servers make any difference to a connection to the database on the local network?  And if the internet goed down would this mean they could not open the database?

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Re: Unable to Connect to Database Error on LAN

Hello jasonrule,
Welcome to the Sage ACT! User Community. Without knowing specifics of your network, I would have to venture a guess that it has something to do with IP address of the server. Changing the name of the server in the .PAD file of the database from the server name to the server's internal IP may resolve. Also, internet access in itself should not affect access to files on the LAN.

Greig Hollister

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