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Unable to COM cast error.

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Unable to COM cast error.

Act 16

Microsoft Office 2013

Windows 7


I am trying to sync my calender to outlook as well as open a word template but neither works.  I recently uninstalled and re-installed Microsoft Office.  I get an unable to Cast Com Error as well as some other ones so it seems that there is just a problem with Act and Outlook talking to each other.  The same with the word template that i am trying to open. (it is saved as an act file)  I wrote a previous post, but no one responded. 

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Re: Unable to COM cast error.

Hello DemetriaBeth,


I’ve some question according to your explanation


-did you have another version of office running on this PC before you´ve installed office 2013?

-is this the 32-bit version of office 2013?

-could you please send the whole error message?


And the last thing, did you already check the following knowlegebase entry if it contains the solution for you?

Regards David

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Re: Unable to COM cast error.

Hi David,


Sorry for not explaining well. 


I have had Microsoft office for 2013 for quite a while now.  The version i had before was 2007 and it has been over a year since i used that.  Also, this problem just started.  I have been able to do all of this fine until recently.  It started with me not being able to open my outlook and having a few other minor issues with office.  So i uninstall and re installed office 2013.  It is after i re-installed that i've not been able to Sync with Outlook or to open templates that were word documents.  This IS the 32 bit version of Office 2013. 


This is what the Error message said when trying to sync the calendar:  Unable to cast object of type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.ApplicationClass' to type 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._Application'  Exception mscorlib


The error message when i try to open a template is the same except with the word "WORD" where outlook is above, plus it also says  "This operation failed due to the following error:  Interface not registered HRESULT 0x80040155


Since i hadn't been using another version of word, i didn't try the things listed in the knowledge base.