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URL field won't respond to mouse click

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URL field won't respond to mouse click

I've got a client in ACT 2012 pro in a mixed environment (Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.  The database and ACT work fine but on the XP machine, the user can't click a url in the Website field .  Well.  They can click on it but nothing happens.... well not really NOTHING, it just doesn't run IE (version 8 by the way).  No matter how quickly they click the url (the mouse pointer is still a hand) the insertion point moves into the field as if they wanted to edit the url.  The map feature works fine, and clicking on an email address brings up a new email but you cannot click quick enough (and yes... the focus was in a different field to begin with) to bring up IE on a web page.  EVERY other connection to IE works fine (the Web info page etc) but clicking the URL will NOT run IE.


Any takers


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Re: URL field won't respond to mouse click

Does their DPI happen to be higher than 96? Have you tried to reset the prefs?


I've seen both of these cause strange things to happen where links and buttons don't function. 


Elise O.
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