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UPGRADE ACT 2000 to ACT 2007????

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UPGRADE ACT 2000 to ACT 2007????

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Would anyone recommend upgrading from 2000 to 2007? Don't want to go all the way to 2008 for $$ reasons. I would like to get some input before I upgrade. Thanks.
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Re: UPGRADE ACT 2000 to ACT 2007????



Upgrading to a newer version is definitely recommended.  We released ACT! 2009 this week and there are a lot of promotions for upgrading customers.  Contact an ACT! Sales Representative at 866-903-0006.


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Re: UPGRADE ACT 2000 to ACT 2007????

Well I just bought Act 2007(didn't want to go with anything newer as I've heard bad things about the 2008 versions and didn't want to spend the extra money on something that wasn't rated well- bugs, slow performance etc)- But since 2009 is new, maybe many of the problems have been resolved).  The install was horrible(Especially related to SQL server)and I can see how 2007 is not well liked - so the rumors were true.  Many believe 2006 was the last good version, but again this isn't referring to 2009.


If you want to look into it further, read the reviews on about the different versions.  Depending on what features you need, 2006 might be all you need.

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Re: UPGRADE ACT 2000 to ACT 2007????

I am running ACT! 2008 - Version 10 on Windows XP Pro. (Have not tried yet on Vista. We just bought a new machine for our office and Dell still allows you to purchase a "business" machine with XP Pro installed.) I have been using ACT! since Version 4. (15+ years.) And I'm going to 2009 - Version 11. I never had a problem installing or with any type of "bugs". I have tried Goldmine and Maximizer (weird UI with Maximizer) and Microsoft BCM. ACT! is superior to all 3 of those. I beleive that prior to installing ACT! it's VERY important to turn off EVERYTHING that may be running on your machine, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, etc., etc. EVERYTHING. And, you need a decent computer. Of course ACT!, and anything for that matter, will run better on a Core Duo CPU and you need the correct amount of RAM and HD capacity also. (The more the better.) But if you follow the install instructions correctly and have a decent, clean machine, you should not have any problems with ACT!