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Two separate businesses and databases

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Two separate businesses and databases

I need advice as to whether this is possible and if so, which version might be appropriate.


I am an individual with two separate businesses and would like two separate databases for them. One of the businesses involves contacts for say, 6 months or a year, at which time the project will end for the most part. So, I'd like to be able to archive that database, so to speak, and create another one for the next project. From what I understand, only one database can be open at one time, which I think is workable. Otherwise, can I do this? How would the licensing work? 


Thanks for any help. 

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Re: Two separate businesses and databases

The issue isn't licensing - you can create as many databases as you want


Because you can only have one database open, if the user wants to have a single calendar for their time, it might be better to use one database and use a field and/or groups to show which business the contact is connected to

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Re: Two separate businesses and databases

Hello trekr,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community. I concur with what Mike suggested regarding the use fields and/or Groups to segregate a single database. If you do choose to maintain more than one database, then in regards to the licensing, make sure that all the database use the exact same user name and login.

Greig Hollister

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