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Two salespeople travelling together and ACT Activities

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Two salespeople travelling together and ACT Activities

Preface:  The company I work with has four sales divisions based off of product (not territory).  I have two salespeople working / travelling together as a team,  each representing their own different product lines when a sales call is made.


Actions: One sales person enters an ACT Activity type of Meeting with a contact and also adds the other ACT user / salesperson as part of the Activity (Schedule WithSmiley Happy


Problem: When closing the Activity only one sales person gets the "credit" or History stamp of completing that Activity with that Contact.  Since both of our salespeople send in their Notes / History report to their respective bosses (two different bosses) this leaves one sales person missing those completed Activities on his or her report.


Any solution to this other than each salesperson creating separate Activities for the same contact?



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Re: Two salespeople travelling together and ACT Activities

You could create Sale Reps or Product Groups and use Associate With when scheduling.

Use a reporting product like Topline Dash so that the bosses can set up the report/dashboard with the history and group criteria so that the report runs for the manager without the sales reps providing a Notes/History report.

Leanne Evans