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Two companies, one database?

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Two companies, one database?

I"m new to ACT and love it so far. I have run two companies both with very different clients. Right now, I have made two databases, one for each company and have started loading all of my contacts. The problem with this is the calender because I am starting to schedule two things in the same time slot. If I load all of my contacts into one database, can I "label" them to differentiate them? Any suggestions on how to be more organized would be appreciated. Also, If I decide to combine them, can I import all of the contact information from one database to the other? Many Thanks!
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Re: Two companies, one database?

Create a new field in both databases called, for example, "Main Company" - you can't use "Company" because that's already a field.
Make it a Pull down with CompanyA, CompanyB and maybe Both and/or Neither (for your contacts that apply to both or neither). make it a required field
Put the new field at the top of the layout... even colour it or make it bold so that it's obvious.
In Each of the databases, use Edit | Replace to change the new field to the database name or your company name.
Back up both databases (for obvious reasons Smiley Happy)
Merge one into the other.