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Two Questions

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Two Questions

Is there a way to automatically assign numbers to companies in ACT in a visible field?  I've just installed 2009.


Also, is there an easy way to import 5,000 companies and contacts, so that the companes and contacts are immediately linked?



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Re: Two Questions

Good evening bgood.


I don't have an answer about the numbering, but I would say that the best way to handle the company issue is to add it in the source file first. 


I'm not sure if you are using the term to "link" as a specific ACT activity or just generally speaking.  What is present in your current source that would allow you to link that information now? 


Linking is a special function to be performed on exisiting contacts, and from my reading of the threads in this forum as well as my experience, I don't believe you can set up "linked" accounts by an import. 


The good thing about this forum is that if it is possible, someone will want to jump on my reply and make sure it is revised to show that it can be done.  Good luck.

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