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Twitter Question: Does Sage ACT! 2011 really sync w/Microsoft Outlook?

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Twitter Question: Does Sage ACT! 2011 really sync w/Microsoft Outlook?

Are you currently using Sage ACT! 2011 with Microsoft® Outlook?  If so, @KathySperlBell is looking for a recommendation on Twitter.  She would like to hear from others -- does Sage ACT! 2011 really sync w/Microsoft® Outlook and how painful is upgrade from 2010? If you've got an opinion for Kathy, please post it here and we'll share this link with her on Twitter. 


Kathy, here's some information on Sage ACT! and Microsoft® Outlook integration:


The newer versions of Sage ACT! include new and enhanced features to improve ease of use and performance when integrating with Microsoft® Outlook. These features are: 


·         Quick Attach e-mails in Outlook to ACT! contacts

·         Use Outlook messaging rules with ACT! address book

·         Create ACT! activities from Outlook messages

·         Send e-mail from e-mail links in the preview pane in ACT! Notes tab

·         Copy Calendars with one click

·         Synchronize Calendar with Outlook (Sage ACT! 2011)

·         Synchronize Contacts with Outlook (Sage ACT! 2011)

Quick Attach Outlook E-mails 
You can now select multiple e-mail messages in Outlook and click the Quick Attach button to attach them to contacts in the ACT! Address book in Outlook.


Here's a few words from Napkin Mike on this integration:

As well as a short video from Allen Duet, Director of Product Management for Sage ACT!: