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Trying to upgrade a machine running win 7 & ACT 6.0 to run ACT Pro 2011

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Trying to upgrade a machine running win 7 & ACT 6.0 to run ACT Pro 2011

I had a few problems getting the program loaded but it is now loaded and seems OK until it tries to load the existing dbf database. Database has been repaired and should be OK (not a shared base).

I see that it has apparently converted the database. The Database converted to *.zip files –

The problem appears the SQL Server. It shows as Disabled. It will not start. I can change it to Automatic but it still won’t start. The following is from services.msc -

SQL Server (ACT7)                                         Automatic   Local Syst...

SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)           Started    Automatic   Network S...

SQL Server Agent (ACT7)                              Automatic   Network S...

SQL Server Agent (SQLEXPRESS)                Disabled     Network S...


I clicked on SQL for SQLEXPRESS to start it and it started immediately.

When I clicked on SQL Server (ACT7) I received the following message.


“Windows could not start the SQL Server (ACT7) service on Local Computer.

Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.”


It appears as though there is not an SQL Server instance for Act 7 & I can’t find a way to create one.

Answer 25198 would seem to be the answer but I am not having any luck – or perhaps I’m just stupid.


I have installed and uninstalled too many times. Checking the install log I see that there were errors that reinstalling doesn’t resolve.


I will appreciate any guidance,