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Trying to create a copy of a DB

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Trying to create a copy of a DB

I am using ACT! by Sage 2010 Version, Hot Fix 1 & Windows 7


I have a DB that I would like to share with another ACT user. This is a one time share and no need to keep it current. The first thing I tried was to try and copy my DB and it kept coming up with error messages saying it couldn't copy the db. I went to tools > db maintenance > check and repair thinking that would solve the problem but it did not.


Next thing I did was just backed up the DB to a new name. This worked. I then went to restore db. So far, so good. Next to open the newly named db and I get this message " To finalize the registration, the database administrator must login first" I was able to successfully open up the old db, but have no idea what to do next to open up the new db. The only option I am given is to click the "ok" button and then I am right back at the same point of trying to open up this new db.


Please help.



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Re: Trying to create a copy of a DB

In the original database, go to tools, manager users and see which user has admin rights. Also, when you restore the database on another machien, go to File, Restore, Restore AS (second option).

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