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Trouble Creating Remote Database

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Trouble Creating Remote Database

I am using ACT 2007 (vers 9) on a Windows 2008 Server and receive the following error when I get to the point of Creating a Remote Datebase:


"Failed to create remote datebase XYZ123. Error converting data type navarchar to bit.  Please contact the administrator for more help.  Would you like to create another database?"


I had previously been able to create databases. but one day it just stopped letting do it. 


Any help will be appreciated. 

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Re: Trouble Creating Remote Database

ACT! 2007 is not compatible with Windows 2008.  Try detaching your database, delete the PAD file and open with ADF.


- Close ACT!.

- Go to Start > Run > actdiag.

- Select Database > Database List.

- Select your database name, right click and select Detach Database.

- Go to the location of your database and delete the PAD file.

- Open ACT!, select Open Database.

- Change Files of type to ADF.

- Open  ADF of your database

- Attempt to create a remote database.