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Treo 700wx sync problems

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Treo 700wx sync problems

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I use Companion Link to sync my Blackberry to Act 2007 for Financial Professionals, however my business partner uses a Treo 700wx and syncs to the same database using the built in handheld sync Act provides. I do not have any problems with my set up, everything works perfectly. However, we have nothing but problems when he syncs his Treo. It seems that even though the action is set to "syncronize changes both ways" when a meeting or activity is cleared in Act, it is not clearing it to the Treo when he syncs. Instead, it will reload all of the meetings and things that have been cleared and show them on today's date, timeless.  Is anyone else having any problems syncing a Treo 700wx?

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Re: Treo 700wx sync problems

I don't know if the 2 sync systems might be conflicting as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


You might have a look at Handheld Contact - it can sync (with much more information) to both Windows Mobile (Treo) and Blackberry devices. You can download a trial from the link