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Transferring from 1 Record Manager to another

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Transferring from 1 Record Manager to another

Hi all,


I made a mistake while trying to re-assign a license and deleted the old user, contact sheeet and all. I also apparently re-assigned the record manager to the new user. I re-created the user, but I don't know how to switch all of the new users record managers back to the old user.


Is there a way to go about doing this without doing this one by one? I did a search and can find where they are, but I have to click on each note/history/subgroup just to change back to the right record manager.


A sort of side question... how come I can't change the record user for a group, but I can for a subgroup? It shows the record manager being gray and you can't select it.


Let me know if I need to clarfiy anything. I'm using Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Version 13.0.401.0, Hot Fix 2.


Thank you!