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Transfering ACT to laptop from PC

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Transfering ACT to laptop from PC

I am trying to transfer ACT Sage 2009 Version 11.0 to my laptop.

How do I do this?

I loaded the original disk and can't get past create database?

It comes up with the Error connecting to Microsoft SQL Server?

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Re: Transfering ACT to laptop from PC

Hello Dona02,

From your message, it sounds like the Act! installation completed on the laptop but you are unable to create a new database. 

There are several variations to the 'error connecting to sql server' message, here is a link to an article that describes one of the variations. 

Error: "Could not connect to the SQL Server Instance"  


- Review the first step of this article and ensure that the 'Sql Server (Act7)' service has a status of 'Started', if it doesn't - right click on it and select 'Start'.  Once started attempt to create a database or open the demo.

- If there is no 'SQL Server (Act7)' service listed, then you will need to follow the remainder of the steps to remove and reinstall SQL. 


If this doesn't resolve your issue, can you provide us with the exact error message?




Also, to move your database from the desktop to the laptop, you can use the Act! Backup and Restore processes, for more information on the steps:

Act! Backup and Restore procedures

Greg Martin