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Transfer ACT v16 to a new PC while keeping existing preferences and plugins

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Transfer ACT v16 to a new PC while keeping existing preferences and plugins

Alright, so with the impending doom of the XP shutdown on our doorstep, I'm working hard to get all the PC's in my office updated with Winows 7 and (potentially) Office 365. I am new to the ACT system so I want to make sure I handle this correctly seeing as ACT is the lifeblood of our company.


Current System:

-ACT Premium v16

-Windows XP

-Office 2007

-Database is server based


My concern comes for the plugins and add-ons that have been installed on each employee's computer (6 machines total). Since I just took this job, I'm not familiar with how they have been set up or installed. Can someone point me the direction of how to make this upgrade as easy as possible. 

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Re: Transfer ACT v16 to a new PC while keeping existing preferences and plugins

Unfortunately, the plugins for your addons cannot be transferred from one machine to another, you will need to reinstall the program and the addons, so I'd recommend getting all the installers for your addons together before hand. 


As long as no one is using Internet Mail instead of Outlook, You can attempt to copy the preferences over from the XP side to the Windows 7 installation by the following steps:


1. Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard

2. Type %appdata% and press Enter

3. Go into the ACT folder

4. Copy the ACT Data Folder to wherever you're backing files up before the upgrade

5. After your upgrade to Window s7, repeat steps 1-3

6. Paste the ACT Data folder you copied in step 4 in the ACT folder


Keep in mind that some of these preference files are machine specific and this may or may not work. You may have to start your preferences from scratch again, but it's worth a shot.


As for tips on making sure that the actual upgrade process goes well, Make sure that if you're installing Microsoft Office that you do not use the Click-to-Run installer. Act will not integrate with this. Use the full installer. Also make sure that you install Microsoft Office before you install Act!, as not doing so will require  you to uninstall and reinstall Act!. 

Elise O.
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