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Tracking "opportunities" with no other info

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Tracking "opportunities" with no other info

Question from a total newbie.  I work for a construction company and am totally new to ACT (so is the company).  Many of our "opportunities" do not have a person or "contact" associated with them initially, or in fact, for many months or even years.  For example you might hear that a local Village Board is having preliminary discussions about building a new Public Works facility.  Or, it may just be that by doing your homework, you know that a nearby town has grown substantially in the last 10 years and might need a new fire station in the new growing part of town.  In these circumstances we often do not have a true "contact" person and actually want to track this by the "opportunity" rather than by an individual which in government can change too often and too quickly.


Any suggestions on the best way to go about this?  To be clear, I am so new to this I am basically asking "When I create a "new contact" but only have information such as "Village of ABC", "New Fire Station in 2-3 years"; how do I fill-in the new contact form in a way that will be helpful to track this project opportunity?"


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Re: Tracking "opportunities" with no other info

Consider upgrading to ACT! 2010. Opportunities change with ACT! 2010 and they should work better for you.
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