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Tracking letters/postcards per customer base?

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Tracking letters/postcards per customer base?

I would like to know if there is an easy quick way to do this with ACT:


I have a 10 letter/postcard sequence to mail out to my customer base. Say I have 500 customers in total that came in my database within a year. Each customer will go through this "10 letter/postcard sequence". So I will have 52 customers on letter 1, 83 that are on letter 3, 91 on letter 7, etc. I want ACT to inform me of what letter needs to be sent to what customer. Consequently, I would have mailouts that would need to be mailed daily. I want this to be quick and easy where I don't have to think about it. Ideally, I could go to a screen that would give me all the contacts and what peice of mail would have to be mailed to them.


Secondly, I want ACT to automatically update the contacts for the next piece of mail each contact would have to receive. Meaning, if ACT says letter 5 has to be mailed out for "Joe Smith", the next day the contact would say "letter 6 to be mailed on July 7, 2010. So when July 7, 2010 comes, a screen would show "my daily mailouts" and it would show "letter 6".


Can anyone please advise?