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Tracking leads & quotes for commission purposes

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Tracking leads & quotes for commission purposes

I'm hoping some of you wonderful ACT gurus can help me. I'd like to set up a tracking system for leads and quotes. Our sales force is paid on commission for any leads they bring in (depending on a timeline structure) as well as quotes that go out.  


Initially I was thinking of linking a separate leads and/or quotes Excel spreadsheet to each ACT contact. But I'm thinking that this is too much duplication - is there a way to track this in ACT and also to limit the access to certain people within the company? (obviously we wouldn't want the sales staff to be able to doctor the leads/quotes and thus their commission payout).


What would be your recommendation? Excel or use ACT - and if ACT, which tab would be the best? Complete Customer Record? Opportunities tab? Or something else? Is there a "proper" way to set this up?


Thank you in advance!

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Tracking leads & quotes for commission purposes

There's three solutions that come to mind, and you'll need to really identify your needs, as each one is just a bit different.



  1. Exponenciel's Automatic Field Calculations - allows you to use existing fields to perform calculations, like commission.
  2. Exponenciel's Excel Templates - allows you to link ACT! data with Excel, removing the duplication issue you had, and adds all the capabilities of Excel
  3. TopLine Designer - table/relationship addon for ACT! that would allow you to create a full lead/tracking/commission application within ACT!


I've used them all for various clients, none is necessarily better than the other, they just do totally different things.  Hope this helps...

Richard Brust
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Re: Tracking leads & quotes for commission purposes

It seems to me the easiest way would be first to set the rights to the users as write and read but not delete.


Then, without knowing the size of the organization, use the ID/Status field to indicate that the contact is a lead.  Then run a lookup against the ID/Status and date range.  You will then be able to export that to an Excel spreadsheet for analysis.  This way you don't have to keep a double set of records.


For the quotes, I'm not thinking of an easy way to measure quote creation against a user.  Hopefully one of the others on the board can help.  There may be a 3rd party add-on that can help.

John Purdy
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Re: Tracking leads & quotes for commission purposes

Thank you Richard and John for your replies! Smiley Happy The fact that you take time out of your busy days to reply is very much appreciated!


We're looking into the options you mentioned. Not sure at this point which would be the best fit for our business.


Thank you again!


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Re: Tracking leads & quotes for commission purposes

So there is still no way to change and/or add a field that would calculate commissions on total sales by product.

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Re: Tracking leads & quotes for commission purposes

Not without one of the add-ons that Richard Brust mentioned in his earlier response.

Greig Hollister

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