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Tracking Leads versus opportunities

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Tracking Leads versus opportunities

I am new to ACT and we are installing ACT version 10. My question - What is the best way to track "leads" versus "opportunities."
We have inside sales or telemarketers that make cold calls, do mailings, emails etc. Once some one raises their hand to get more information via response, website, referral etc we consider them a "suspect"  until they can be qualified for which product, large enough company ($$$) etc. at this point we consider them a "lead" and inside sales continues to work until the Customer is ready to discuss product (software)  
Once qualified (semi-qualified) they are given to the sales person for follow up and closing. Once they are given to the sales person to talk about the exact needs and further qualification we track through the "Opportunity pipeline" and that works great especially for forecasting.  
We currently use "assigned" too and another field to mark "suspect" and "leads." Then use Groups to track both inside sales accounts assigned and "suspects" versus real "leads."
Do you have a sugesstion or a creative way on how to track and get metrics on this activity before we use opportunities?   
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Re: Tracking Leads versus opportunities

Look at the opportunities module to track the entire process, keep your assigned to field. If you have massive amounts of suspects and leads then your field level tagging strategy is best.
Brad Marquardt
realtimeACT, Inc
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