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This might be the reason I can not Cut & Paste in Act! 16.

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This might be the reason I can not Cut & Paste in Act! 16.


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Re: This might be the reason I can not Cut & Paste in Act! 16.



   We have spoken with you several times, and have tested out the copy/paste functionality on many systems (as I promised you I would on the phone) and found that we had no problems using these functions.  The screenshot below has nothing to do with your Paste function, which is the only function that isn't working.  When you use Cut or Copy, they item does appear in your Windows Clipboard as it should.


  The Act! Scratchpad is a different program that is not started when opening Act!  It is a companion to the program that you use to create notes or appointments and send them to Act!  In none of our testing did we open the scratchpad.  That compatibility window you are looking at comes from a list hosted by Microsoft that says if a program is compatible or not.


  This is what we call an environmental issue.  The short list of environmental issues that could cause the paste functionality to stop working in a non-scaling .NET application would be:


Window DPI set to anything higher than 100%

Clipboard managers of any type

Microsoft .NET 4.5.1 issues (would reinstall through Windows Features)

Microsoft C++ Runtimes

A bad Microsoft Windows update

Any Antivirus or Security Software

A virus (This is a new setup, so I don't think this is likely)

A hardware driver that is not functioning as intended


  Act is a Microsoft .NET application, which means it uses runtimes supplied and updated by Microsoft in order to run.  These runtimes can include the functionality of the Paste function.  We simply tell Windows that we need to do X, and it uses the appropriate runtime to return Y.  That means we ask Windows to Paste information, and it takes care of the rest.


  When I was remoted in on your computer I was receiving your Cut/Copy commands to my clipboard, which means they were being executed properly through Windows.  The Paste function would clear highlighted text, but not output the text as expected.


  As we have gone through extensive tests to alleviate this issue with no resolution, and we have done extensive testing on multiple systems running Windows 8, with the 8.1 update, we have to rule this as an environmental issue.  There is nothing to suggest to us that Act! is at fault.


  That being said, if we can duplicate the issue, we will push it as a fix as soon as possible.  We just don't have the ability to fix something that we cannot duplicate on our systems.

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