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This is why I buy the oldest version

Nickel Contributor
Posts: 493
Country: USA

This is why I buy the oldest version

I cannot for the life of me understand this program!
I assign a Shortcut (Alt +W) to "export to Excel" contact list and lo and behold Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
Ready to throw ACT against the wall and say "forget you".
How and why on God's green earth should i buy anything from this company?  How can I prevent steam from coming out of my ears and be patient any longer?  For such a simple thing like this? 
ACT!  Are you there?  You are so close to losing another customer it ain't even funny.
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 493
Country: USA

Re: This is why I buy the oldest version

Well Well Well,
Everyone,  I think I have just about given up.
I think Sage wants us to work for them for free to help them figure out what's wrong with their program.
The above post was corrected by going back into "Customize" then "Menus and Toolbars" then "keyboard" and then "&Tools".
Funny,  real funny Sage.  I had to reset the Hotkey to the one that was assigned to it already.  In other words,  to get it to work,  I had to retype the same hotkey over again and reset it.
Even their hotkeys don't work properly!  Well,  you know the old saying-- "Fool me one, shame on you.  Fool me twice. Shame on Me!!"
Sage,  for all the money you make off of the addons,  I wonder if you have some sort of vested interest in the company have a 'Semi-lousy" program, then have the addons "fix" the problem so more money can be made.
Why do I now believe in conspiracies?  Your company might drive me in that direction.