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The warm puppy and Act features

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The warm puppy and Act features

If you have ever seen an infomercial, on TV, you have seen the greatest tool a sales person can use for building trust with a prospect, I have long called this the warm puppy close. When I owned a computer office furniture company, it was the main stay of our business - the tool was to GIVE the prospect OR an existing customer some product to use, like an ergonomic chair or desk, to prove that the product had the value of our claim.  On TV they make claims that you can try their product RISK free for 30 days, that is a gimmick, because anyone can return any item and the credit card company will refund the money, but the sellers know what I knew - if your product is good and people try it they will keep it. 


The fields in Act can be used to track who has the puppy and how long you are loaning it to them. The fields in Act and activity series can be used to follow up for the care an feeding of the product you have loaned.  After the sale, fields or reminders can be set to help you with follow up. The SECRET is that if you put a follow up system in place you MUST use it and while it may be modified it can't be ignored. Make sure that you have plenty of letters built into this program - including if they decline to buy.  You can't take reject and not say thank you, you can't win a sale and not say thank you.


Brad Sandy