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The *right* way of managing contacts with Outlook and ACT

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The *right* way of managing contacts with Outlook and ACT

After a few months working with ACT and Outlook I can finally say that the integration between the two is as bad as it gets.

Although many suggested to drop outlook, this is something that we cannot afford: we still use Outlook as our frontgate to the world, so we have to make the best out of this ill-born marriage between the two software.


As a directive to all users, I basically told them to carry most of the work out in ACT and to use Outlook just for attaching mail and minimal things.

Minimal things, in our heads, included contact creation and deletion which, we assumed, could be performed with both softare suites.


At the yet-another sync failure, however, I find this:


I'll skip the fact that creating duplicates is a recipe for disaster (consider merging a thousand duplicates with the '2 contacts at a time' ACT implementatoin), but this caught my eye


"This issue will occur if you have contacts from Outlook that had previously synced with Sage ACT! and manually deleted them in Outlook. When attempting to sync again, those contacts will not transfer."


My question is: are you telling me that I cannot delete contacts in Outlook once they are synced with ACT, otherwise this will break the synchronization of all the others?


This seems like a huge limitation in this software which, according to its brochures, offers 'seamless integration with Outlook'. There is nothing seamless about this, not even on a legal term.


I am looking forward to hearing some feedback from some ACT experts, our consideration for this software is very low and we'd like to know what we're doing wrong.

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Re: The *right* way of managing contacts with Outlook and ACT

Good morning Albergante


I also have an Outlook client that is tied to Exchange and on the backend Microsoft CRM Dynamics.  I have a lot of problems with duplicates, so I set it up for only a 1-way synchronizaton:


Box Checked:  Enable contact synchronization with Outlook

If the same contact has been updated in Sage ACT and Outlook:  Keep the Sage ACT! Contact

Box NOT CHECKED:  Add Outlook contacts to Sage ACT! and synchronize change


I too, from time to time, like to delete all the contacts in Outlook and re-synch.  I will then start all over again in ACT and create a new sync set for synchronization by name (even though they are the same ones).  Then do the sync. 

BTW, for me, it takes hours to delete all the contacts in Outlook b/c they are also sync'd to my cell phone.  So, I do this over a weekend. 


Finally, I am a single user.


This is working for me for now, but I may have added something that the more experienced community members may see as a problem.

John Purdy
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Re: The *right* way of managing contacts with Outlook and ACT

Thanks jnpurdy, I'll try with changing settings.


I understand that advanced synchronization is very tricky when interfacing different databases.

But we are very dissatisfied even with the most basic features.


I hope some experienced user can give some feedback on the matter.