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The journey from ACT and beyond

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The journey from ACT and beyond

After my 2nd hard drive failure and successful partial success on a restore I have decided to consider as an alternative to ACT2012 Pro.

Has anyone else dabbled? I have a 30 day trial at the moment and am not really sure what to make of it.


Is the pacakge a cloud version of ACT or is there more (or less) to be had here. I am not sure if I am graduating to a natural progression just on a different platform or going backwards.


Thoughts welcome all.

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Re: The journey from ACT and beyond

ACT Has a hosting provider program which allows you to place your ACT in the cloud and saves the frustration of crashed hard drives.


We have been members of the program for several years and have 3 different options for Hosting ACT, Quickbooks, Microsoft office and more.


Contact me or look up hosting providers from the partner page on

Test Drive Act! and Quickbooks over Citrix

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Re: The journey from ACT and beyond

Sure seems like a shame to walk away from ACT! if you like it because of poor hardware!


If you are not that enamored with ACT!, then looking to something else might make sense.


Just curious, if you want to move to the cloud to avoid the potentiallity of a bum hard-drive, then why not just go to an iPad?


Dump all of your local apps and move to Google apps or Zoho, web mail, etc.?

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Re: The journey from ACT and beyond

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I agree with previous posts - hardware issues are not usually a justifiable reason to move away from the ACT! platform if the functionality that you need is available within the application.


SageCRM can be cloud based, but you'd be moving to a licensing model with an ongoing monthly cost which could turn out to be a significantly greater Total Cost of Ownership (than ACT!) in the long term.


Modern ACT! doesnt need to be relient upon local hardware. We are not the only UK based organisation offering ACT! on an SaaS model (Software as a Service). We are also one of a number of organisations (I'm sure) who would offer to host your own ACT! licenses/database on a server and enable web access - via the browser or any one of a number of mobile access solutions (Sage ACT! Connect, Handheld Contact, iSync, CompanionLink etc...)


Happy to chat if that helps.

Will Ingleby
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