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'The database could not be accessed'

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'The database could not be accessed'

I have setup an ACT Pro 2011 database for 4 users. The file is on the network server & it works well until the Administrator shuts down his laptop. It still works when he exits ACT, it's only when he exits the system do the users lose access. I have followed all the suggestions found in the Knowledgebase (Answer ID 19640) i.e. a) share database enabled, b) Folders permission c) run services.msc re SQL Server Browser & ACT7, d) TCP/IP protocols etc. Could it have anything to do with Citrix? The point is that it all works smoothly with no problems until the Administrator shuts down. I have even upgraded the users' security levels to Manager with no success. Has anybody struck this before & if so how to fix?
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Re: 'The database could not be accessed'

This may sound patronizing, but bear with me. I don't think the database is on the file server, but is on your Administrators' laptop. that would explain everything.

To check, here are a couple of things.
find one of the pad files your users use to open the act database, and open the file in notepad. verify the server is listed there and not the admins laptop.

Also, open ACTdiag on both the admin laptop and on hte server. Click on the database tab. Do you see the database listed on the server or on the admin's laptop?

Just a hunch. Let me know what you find out.
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