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The Secret of Act

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The Secret of Act

Recently, in an interview for Sales and Marketing Magazine, Mahan Khalsa the founder of Franklin Covey time management programs, and the author of “Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play”, described what are the challenges for the modern sales person; they include building better relationships and providing solutions, because the internet, can provide data that was once the domain of the sale force.  The Secret of Act is that it was designed from the beginning to do this – to build relationships and deliver solutions. The mystery of Act is that most people use it simply as a daytimer and not a relationship tool.

Khalsa, in his interview describes how important it is for sales people to be coached in getting good data to improve relationships – thus making a pitch for his book and his company, but the Secret of Act is that it can be used as a coaching tool and Act can contain the power of his book, or books by other great sales people, to guide you to compete with greater certainty.

Brad Sandy

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Re: The Secret of Act



Back in 2001 I had an opportunity to spend some time over the period of a week with Tom Hopkins and a number of other sales trainers in Australia. tom was a long time ACT user and he said much the same thing that you could learn all the sales techniques have all the best propositions but without a system to store and record all of this detail you really will not grow that quickly. With a system you can grow and expand to whatever heights your vision is capable of performing.

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