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The Hoover's Integration - Can anyone share their experiences?

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The Hoover's Integration - Can anyone share their experiences?

I have ACT 2010, trying to decide whether I need to upgrade to 2011 right now.  Primarily interested in the Hoover's integration since I spend a lot of my time these days scrutinizing leads.  I have a large territory considering the type of work I do and really need a way to separate the best potential candidates for attention without having to spend hours on data entry just to get my ducks in row.  In taking a brief look, I can't find any pricing information for Hoover's subscriptions and also wondered if there is a particular type of subscription needed to use the integration with ACT 2011. I would need to target by number of employees, and possibly by industry later on and also zip code. 


I don't want to load myself up with a lot of useless data that I won't have time/interest to follow up.  Would really appreciate some insight on how to tackle this.  The current method is to target a few large accounts and just cold call in the area around them but I'm not a fan of beating the pavement when there's just so many better, more efficient ways to go about things. 


Which part of the elephant is the best place to start biting things off one at a time, using ACT to make it all more efficient?