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Terminal Services problem

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Terminal Services problem

Windows Server 2003 SP1 Terminal Server.
Active Directory domain
ACT! 2008 Ex
Problem: an ACT! installation that's working well, suddenly can't connect to the database.
Other symptoms:
Multiple "Login Failure" messages in the Windows Event Log, followed by messages that the "actadmin" account is locked out. Text of failure message is:
Event Type: Failure Audit
Event Source: MSSQL$ACT7
Event Category: (4)
Event ID: 18456
Date:  31/03/2008
Time:  18:31:57
User:  N/A
Login failed for user 'ACTADMIN'. [CLIENT: <local machine>]
For more information, see Help and Support Center at

I've set the Account Lockout Policy to unlock accounts after a period of time - at this point ACT! works again. (I did use "actdiag" to reset the sa password at this point, too - not sure if I needed to or not.)
I noticed that when the account unlocked, I started getting failure messages again (about 1 per minute). 1 user had been logged in to TS for some time - when they logged out, the failure messages stopped. Suspect, therefore, that the problem is TS related.
Looking at Task Manager, each user is running the following processes:
The System user is running:
Suspect that I'm getting problems because a process contains "stale credentials" for the "actadmin" database account.
Please can you help with this? (We're due to install a 20 user system on a customer's TS in a few weeks & I want to be confident that it will continue to work)
Rob Bracken
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Re: Terminal Services problem

Running SecurityCmdLnApp.exe in the ACT! program files directory will reset the password for you.  If that fails copy the attached file into the Program Files directory and run that.
**Sorry just realised you can't attach files, batch script text below, just paste into a text file and save as .bat, you will need to put it in the act for windows program files directory***
sqlcmd -S(local)\ACT7 -E -Q"sp_password null, 'Mercury!2008!ACT', sa;" -oHardReset_out.txt
SecurityCmdLnApp.exe Mercury!2008!ACT
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