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Template problem

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Template problem

When I am using the MS Word word processor in ACT 2008 version 10  and I call a template that I created in Word; the document opens in Word but the fields are not merged with the data from the contact.


If I switch to the ACT WP in ACT the process of merging the contact information into a document  works just fine. 


Why aren't the MS Word fields being filled in with the proper data in the word document?

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Re: Template problem



It's possible the file is corrupted. If you are using Office 2007, then you would need to look for Normal.dotx.  You can find a the procedure here: Answer ID 14558.  Read down to the Damaged File and following the instructions to the end.  If this does not resolve your issue, the template you use may be corrupted.  Try making a new one...not a copy, and see if that works.