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Template Dates & Histories

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Template Dates & Histories

I have a letter, (actually many) that I have created into a template. They always have the current date on them. Because this is a field that is Today's Date, when I go back to look at that letter and if for example I had to reproduce the letter 1 month later as a copy for someone it will come up in the history with the current date. For the copy, I don't want the current date in there, I want the date that the letter was actually written.


Is there any way to make a change to my template that will accomplish what I am after?



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Re: Template Dates & Histories

Assuming you are using MS Word for your templates.  To add a date to the template, choose insert, Date and Time from within word.  The options here are either the current date and time (that the template was created) or if you check the box, the data the template was merged or run (this option when you check the box that says update Automatically).

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