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Tasks for Contacts

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Tasks for Contacts



I am using ACT! 2009 V11 and I have quite a decent sized data base.


I am looking for an easy way to check that all my contacts have a task scheduled to them without physically clicking through each of them. Has anyone got any tips or solutions to my problem?



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Re: Tasks for Contacts



You can set one of the user fields as a marker to let you know if you have an activity.


First, make sure the user field is empty. 


1) Back up your catabase (just in case...)

2) Lookup all contacts. 

3) Select 'Replace Field' from the Edit drop-down menu.

4) Choose any unused user field and leave 'Value' blank. Press OK.


Now select & update all contacts with activities.


5) In the task list select all dates, types and priorities. 

6) Right-click anywhere in the grid and choose Create Lookup.

7) Choose 'Replace Field' from the Edit drop-down menu again.

8) Select the same User Field you blanked out above.

9) Put something like 'Has Activity' in 'Value' and press OK.


Now you can use that user field to look up all contacts either with or without activity.


Hope that helps.


Charlie Waitzman

Roswell, GA