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Task list report issues

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Task list report issues



I am new to ACT and have to say that it it driving me insane!


We are running ACT 2011 Pro and Im trying to get my colleagues to run their own task list reports at the end of each week for the following week so that they are better prepared.  I do seem to be having some fun with what I thought would be a relatively simple task Smiley Sad


There seems to be different ways to schedule a task.  The person actually inputting the appointment, for example, can 'schedule for' another colleague. They can then 'schedule with' the contact (customer for example) that the appointment is with.  The appointment shows on the task list for the colleague for whom the appointment was scheduled but doesn't appear on their task list report ??


I have then tried adding the colleague to the 'schedule with' list and having both the colleague and customer listed.  Again this appears in the colleagues task list and this time does appear in the task list report.  BUT unless the customers name is earlier in the alphabet than the colleagues name then the colleagues name appears in the report not the customer.  There seems to be no way of showing who, apart from the colleague for whom we are running the report for, the appointment is with if their name is lower in the alphabet?  I have edited the template slightly to show the 'scheduled with' and 'company name' and both fields behave the same i.e. if the customers name is lower down the alphabet then the colleagues name and our own company name are shown. It also only shows one 'contact' i.e. whichever of the x number of 'contacts' in the 'schedule' whose name is earliest in the alphabet.


Am I missing something?


Thanks for your help






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Re: Task list report issues



  Welcome to the Act! Community Forum!


  There are two ways to schedule an appointment, as you have found.  Let me explain them:


Schedule With: Usually this is directed at a contact.  These are the people who should be in your meeting, minus yourself since you're scheduling it.  When you schedule this, it goes on your task list.


Schedule For: This is where you change the principle for the meeting.  Instead of it going on your task list, it goes on the person you scheduled the meeting For.  Example: An executive assistant schedules meetings for her boss.  This would show up on his Task list.  She didn't have to put his name in schedule with, since he's the principle on the meeting.


If I scheduled a meeting with three people, That would be my meeting, and i would have a listing on my tasks.

if I scheduled a meeting with three people, but I sceduled it for one of those three people, I would not have it on my task list as I am not scheduled to be in the meeting.


The reports only show what is directly yours when sorting.


Does that clear anything up?



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Re: Task list report issues

Hi Billy

thanks for getting back to me - yes I think I understand that I don't need to add myself to the schedule with box if its me that the meeting is scheduled for. But if I do that - the task list report for me doesn't show that meeting. The task list report only seems to show the tasks for the people who are in the schedule with box?

The appointment does indeed show up on my task list if its scheduled for me but not on the task list report for my contact?

I need to know how to print off a task list report which shows all my tasks and the details.